Emergency Medical System Development

We are partnering with some of the top minds in rural emergency medicine as we walk beside the Nepali government to pioneer the first ever Nepali Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System. It is being designed for the extremely remote, rural members of this Low to Middle Income Country (LMIC). Our approach is different from typical EMS systems, because we are starting with those who are the hardest to reach and expanding towards the major metropolitan areas.

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Emergency Medical Responder Training

Through emergency medical training, we equip Nepali citizens with the ability to serve their communities every day as Emergency Medical Responders (EMR). Through this training and daily experience, we are able to prepare these volunteers for large scale incidents, such as the frequent large-scale bus crashes, or natural disasters such as the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. This training also benefits the individuals trained, through increased confidence and enhanced leadership skills. Within their villages, those chosen for Emergency Medical Training earn respect and play a vital role in the health of their communities. Nepal Medics is proud of our role in the advancement of human rights, deliberately ensuring that approximately 60% of our trainees are women and working to combat discrimination through the empowerment of knowledge and self-sufficiency.

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Emergency Medical Dispatch System

Nepal Medics is working to open the first emergency medical dispatch center in the history of Nepal. Nepali citizens who have a medical emergency will be able call a toll-free three digit number that will connect them to our dispatch center. A trained Dispatcher will receive an emergency call and then, using a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Terminal, route medically trained responders to the scene. Our Dispatch System – currently in the testing phase – uses geomapping to allow Dispatchers to send the nearest trained responders to the emergency. The entire dispatch process will utilize smart phones to communicate, dispatch and log pertinent information. This new system will also record data that we can utilize to make educated performance enhancements to our response protocols. We are proud to offer the Nepali people the current best technologies and practices in the Emergency Medical Services profession, and our commitment to the quality of these systems means that a donation to this project provides a system that will last to a people who need it.

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