In Nepal, our team of Nepali trainers are building a network of volunteer prehospital Emergency Medical Service (EMS) responders to serve those without access to emergency medical care.

Right now, we have trained over 1,370 rural Nepali citizens to be Rural First Responders (RFRs), and over 220 Nepali medical professionals as Rural Medical Responders (RMRs). Of those trained as RFRs and RMRs, 56.5% are female.

The RMRs are medical personal such as doctors, who receive Nepal Medics’ fourteen-day class on prehospital emergency medicine. This greatly strengthens the doctors’ capacity to operate outside the walls of their hospitals and serve their communities out in the field.

The RFRs are often the first and only people on the scene of a medical emergency. They receive three days of Basic Life Support (BLS) training, similar to a US Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Here are pictures from a typical RFR training class.

Nepal Medics Team arrives at a Nepali Village (Dhading, Nepal).

Welcome and recognition from local leaders. Introduction of trainers. Class participants also introduce themselves.

Introduction to medical basics.

Hands-on response and assessment skills training.

Work in training manuals.

Hands-on skills training and assessments.

Proud graduating class of RFR aka: ‘Heroes’.

Ready to respond!

Nepal Medics – ‘Heroes Training Heroes©’